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ClipClocks was chosen as one of the Top 100 Renaissance Faire Attractions by the Renaissance Magazine for 2015!

A ClipClock® .is an original invention of Deanna A. Hubbard of Deanna's Nest Egg. After years of performing in various ways at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY. The ClipClock® was invented after the loss of her Mother as she sorted through her jewelry. Heavenly inspriation! Now you can check the time and stay anachronistically correct. These clocks are a great addition to any reenactor costume or just an accessory to your favorite outfit.
Deanna creates all the clocks from Jewelry and/or Vintage Jewelry Parts, combining different pieces of jewelry to create the perfect accessory for you.
Orders are shipped within 2 days.

Start browsing through the Galleries for your special timepiece.

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Thank you for shopping with this (one woman operation with big hopes) Business!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If repair is needed, it's FREE.
*Details below
Front View Closed

Side View Closed

Here's how a ClipClock® works:

They fasten to your vest, blazer, Lab coat, belt or any sturdy material. You then open the clasp while it's still secured to your clothes.

As the decorative part of the clock opens downward, a hidden clock is revealed to you. No one can tell it's a watch.

Side View Open

Looking Down

Snapped shut,
looking down

To change the time or the battery of your watch, just hold onto the edge of the clock case and gently pull.
The whole face and rim comes off the black casing on the back of the decorative part.

Choose from many designs, some one of a kind....

Gallery 1:

Victorian - Celtic - Dangles and Pottery (Silly stuff, Saints and Legends) - Cameos

Gallery 2:

Science Fiction~ Medieval/Fantasy (Fairies, Unicorns) - Animals/Whimsical

Beggar - Replacement Parts

Gallery 3:

Pirate Galley - Movie/Show Symbols and Funny Sayings- Steampunk - Sale ClipClocks

Gallery 4:

Medical ~ Guardian Spirits ~ One of a Kind (Various Themes)

Thanks for checking out ClipClocks where ever you visit.

Shows where Displays of ClipClocks can be found:

(North East Coast Schedules)

I will be at the following Shows in NY with hundreds of ClipClock® choices!


Maryland Renaissance Festival - Art of the Wood will carry ClipClocks! They all will be of his marvelous designs in wood burned excellence! Head right to his booth in Revel Grove to see what he offers. PLUS, he can design and make what you want right on the spot!


Niagara Celtic - Sept. 15 + 16, 2018. 10am - 10pm - The Niagara Celtic Heritage Society invites you to their 15th Annual Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival & Highland Games. Located less than an hour from both Buffalo and Rochester, NY, guest are immersed in the traditions and pageantry of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all things Celtic. I'll have my original nature photos! Preview them at www.deannabynature.com


Ontario Orchards Fall Jamboree! September 22 and 23, 2018. Farden Road Sterling NY 11AM to 6PM You pick apples, Corn Maze, Zip Line, Arts/Crafts, Food, Entertainment and Wagon Rides! ClipClocks and www.deannabynature.com photos and note cards.


Oswego Kiwanis/Youth Bureau Christmas Expo - Saturday November 17, 2018. Art, Crafts, Food, Holiday Music, Demonstrations and FUN! 9am - 4pm Oswego Elks Lodge 132 W 5th St. Oswego, NY 13126

ClipClocks and www.deannabynature.com photos and note cards.


Syracuse Psychic Festival - Date TBA

I will have my Deanna by Nature and ClipClocks® available for sale!

Holiday Inn, Elecrtonics Parkway and 7th North St. Exit 37 NYS Thruway, Liverpool, NY


Mayfaire on the Green (Free Renaissance Festival) - May 2019

Music, Plays, Dancing, Fire Eating, Battles along with unique vendors for your shopping experience.

I will have my Deanna by Nature and ClipClocks® available for sale!

Village Square - Holland Patent, NY 11am - 6pm both days.

Additional information on their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/MayFaireontheGreen/


Allegany Country Celtic Festival - June 2019

I will have my Deanna by Nature and ClipClocks® available for sale!

Firemen's Field, 100 Center Street Cuba, NY


Sterling Renaissance Festival - Saturdays & Sundays, July - August, 2019 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM ~ Rain or Shine World known performers, musicians and merchants. Live a day emersed in history... the fun way!



A ClipClock® is an original creation by Deanna A. Hubbard, copying the name or concept of design or any part of this website is prohibited. Patent Pending.

How the ClipClock® was invented - Patent Pending. by Deanna Hubbard

Crafty Life and Style Interview

Orders are shipped within 2 days.
First Class, Priority, International and Ecomony Shipping is available.

Quantities may be limited.
(One of a kind
ClipClocks will be sold to the first person who orders, this will be determined by the time stamp of the paypal payment; if paying by Check/Money Order determination will be by the time stamp of the email notifying the intent to purchase.)

*Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Repairs such as tack replacement, resoldering, adjustments to the clasp and other minor ailments, are free! Email me explaining the problem then just mail the ClipClock® to the address below. Repairs are done and returned shipped in the same day.
To purchase a Clipclock® just use my Paypal.com shopping cart
send an email to
nestegg@clipclocks.com with your payment option and mailing information. Special Orders Taken.
Please send your check or money order made out to:

Deanna Hubbard

1092 Co. Rte. 85

Oswego, NY 13126

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